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    Picture of Boat


    Picture of Boat

    Cruise quietly through a serene pond or head out to the open water for incredible wave-jumping action.

    The Traxxas Villain IV puts you at the helm and in control of one solid, ultra-realistic, off-shore racer. Power comes from twin, 20-turn Stinger motors turning dual, 2:1 gear reduction drives.

    The dual outdrive units direct the thrust from the twin counter-rotating propellers for lightning fast turns. The outdrive's trim angle is adjustable for maximum performance.

    There's nothing else like it! Full decals and chrome accessories make it easy to have the most beautiful boat on the lake. Plus, you'll never outgrow Villain's hot performance.

    Optional parts and modifications are available through your local hobby dealer which can propel the boat to mind-warping speed


    Picture of Boat

    • Realistic Design 31-Inch Deep V hull slices through rough water
    • Kits include motor and mechanical speed control
    • Use up to 14 cells in parallel for long run time
    • Twin Stinger 20-turn motors
    • Dual 2:1 gear reduction transmissions
    • Picture of Boat

      Fully-proportional fwd/rev electronic speed control (model 1508 only)

    • Counter-rotating props
    • Adjustable trim angle
    • Twin steerable outdrives direct the trust
    • Full decal set and chrome accessories
    • Built-in foam flotation
    Picture of Boat


    The Traxxas Villain IV, in its stock form, will run at speeds of approximately 15-18 MPH (with the Stingerª 20 turn motors). Many different parts and accessories are available from aftermarket manufacturers which can greatly enhance the speed of the Villain.

    When all of the add-on accessories are combined with high performance motors and batteries, speeds can reach, or even exceed, 30MPH. Traxxas engineers have radar-clocked their own test Villains in excess of 30MPH.


    Modified motors are available in reverse rotation for perfect compatibility with the VillainÕs counter rotating props. Using approved modified motors will cause significantly increased current draw through the boat's electrical components. As the horsepower of your motors increases, so should the thickness of the wires and the quality and current capacity of the speed control and batteries.


    New props are the least expensive and most beneficial modification you can make to your Villain.
    1 Octura X447 (LH) Beryllium copper prop
    1 Octura X447 (RH) Beryllium copper prop
    2 Octura OCGCSS prop shafts. Picture of Boat

    Speed Control

    The ultimate set-up is to use a fully proportional electronic speed control which is de-signed to handle the increased voltage and huge current draw. There are many different brands of these speed controls available, along with many different features such as water cooling, reverse capability, and thermal shutdown protection. Consult your hobby dealer to find which suits your needs and budget.

    Water cooling

    Water cooling is highly recommended for all levels of Villain modification and is mandatory for all 12-cell applications. The cooling system consists of aluminum tubing which picks up water from underneath the boat, circulates it through coils wrap-ped around the motors, and in some cases, the speed control, and then exits through the side or rear of the boat.

    These systems can remove up to 50% of the heat generated inside high-performance boats. The Traxxas water cooling kit, part #1575, includes all the parts necessary to water cool the Villain. Picture of Boat

    Some final thoughts...Careful assembly is crucial to obtaining the best results with the high-performance Villains. This means making sure all the rotating mechanisms operate freely with as little friction as possible. The left and right drive systems should be equal to each other. If one side runs faster or is adjusted differently from the other side, the Villain will exhibit inconsistent performance.

    Experiment with the trim adjustments on the drive units to find which angle offers the best overall performance with your particular motors, and gear ratios. Also, look for ways to reduce weight and bottom surface drag. When all of these elements are combined, your Villain will be one of the fastest electric V-hulls around.

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    Picture of Boat

    Picture of Boat

    Picture of Boat

    Nitro boating has never been more worry-free! Nitro Vee is built to perform with the water-cooled TRX Pro-15 marine engine; dual, thru-transom exhaust; and the stability of its sturdy, deep "V" hull.

    Only Nitro Vee has the exclusive in-line clutch system, which allows it to stop still in the water while the engine is running, and then accelerate to breakneck speed.

    Picture of Boat

    When close to shore, the clutch allows freedom to maneuver with the hairline precision of an electric. Nitro Vee also gives you the peace of mind of the patented RTS (Return-To-Shore) emergency power system. If you run out of fuel in the middle of the pond, a small electric motor engages the main propeller to power your boat back to you.

    Nitro Vee is fully-assembled and ready for action, so you're just a few pulls on the starter away from roaring across the lake.

    Nitro Vee is now powered by the TRX Pro-15 engine. The increased horsepower equals faster planing, higher top speeds, and more fun! The aluminum motor plate insulates the engine from the inside of the hull.

    Picture of Boat

    The TRX Pro-15 marine engine features a watercooled head for maximum performance and cooling and covered by a TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and a LIFETIME ENGINE REPLACEMENT POLICY

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